The Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench is one of the biggest mysteries on earth. Located 120 miles east of the Marians Islands, with an estimated length of 1,554 miles and a width of 44 miles, this rarely exploded part of the earth is a Hollywood dream.
The recent movie Meg, a shark movie about the extinct megalodon living in the Mariana Trench. With many odd-looking creatures living in the trench, it’s no wonder Hollywood wants to cash in on this unknown piece of the ocean.
Navigating the trench seems to be a bit tricky. The first to send a sub was Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh back in the 1960s. In March of 2012, filmmaker James Cameron did a solo mission into the trench. The trench is incredibly dark, and the subs tend to stir up too much sediment at the bottom, so visibility is limited. The temperature at the bottom of the trench ranges between 34-39 degrees Fahrenheit.
Can much really live in the Mariana Trench? The cold temperatures and darkness would limit the species to bacteria, plankton, and flatfish. There have been creatures coming out of the trench, but not many. Life does find a way to continue.

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