The Center of the Universe?

Me standing in the center of the universe.

Is Tulsa, Oklahoma, the center of the universe?
Probably not, but there is a phenomenon in Tulsa called the Center of the Universe. It’s thirty inches in diameter and is surrounded by bricks.
If you stand in on it, talk, you will hear your echo. Those outside the circle will not hear the echo. If you try talking to those outside the ring, your message might be garble and confusing to others.
Is this true? I tried it, and it is very much true. Why? If I knew this, I would be famous and have my own blog. In the early eighties, a bridge was rebuilt after a horrible fire. The phenomenon was born. You can drop a pin in the center of the circle and hear a large bang, not the barely audible sound of a pin. It’s aliens? Correct?
Many people have theories, and aliens are one of them.
Could it be the walls filled with plants are causing a distortion? Many believe it’s a vortex, so be careful not to be sucked into a different part of the universe. I think it’s just a fun mystery.

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A freelance writer and blogger who has spent 30 years in library service. A ghost hunter at heart and a lover of the macabre. I'm a writer of plays, monologue, and poetry for community theatre. Most importantly, be positive and love life.

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