Lughnasadh or Lammas is one of the Celtics’ most significant celebrations.  This sabbat is between the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  The purpose of the celebration is to celebrate the first harvest of wheat, corn, apples, and other various fruits.  Being pastoral people, the Celts have put greater emphasis on this sabbat.

This tradition began as a funeral feast for the Celtic god, Lugh.  Athletic competition was also added in honor of his mother Tailtiu, who has cleared the Irish county side to plant their crops.  The best athletes gathered for the Tailtenn games.

Traditions of this sabbat are paying tribute to Lugh or the first harvest.  To learn about the other deities associated with this celebration.  To Show off athletic ability.  To Learn the legend of John Barleycorn.  Make crafts for the upcoming autumn season.  Cook a feast of root veggies, fruits, and nuts.  Aug 1st is the celebration time in 2021, but many will begin the celebration on July 27th.

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