The Doyarchu


When I hear someone mention “water dog,” I immediately think of a bird dog.  Hunting dogs love water.  I had a female beagle who would stand in the pouring rain because she loved the water so much.  There is a second meaning to water dog in Ireland, and this type of dog is quite frightening.

The Doyarchu is known as the water dog or the Irish Crocodile, I see Doyarchu as an otter gone very wrong.  Many have seen this creature describe it as a cross between a dog and an otter with slick black fur and a huge face with body piercing teeth.

These creatures were seen prominently during ancient times coming from Irish lakes.  They were considered very aggressive towards humans and dogs.  Reports of our ferocious friends are still popping up in Ireland and Wales. Still, they have died down to the increasing human population.

Many researchers confuse the Doyarchu with a creature from Irish fairy lore, the “King Otter”.  Even though they have some similar features, they are not the same creature.  Many believed the Water Dog once existed, but King Otter is from lore.  The Aztecs and many Native Indians from North America describe a water-dog in their cultures as well.  Is Doyarchu a real creature or just a part of cultural lore?

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A freelance writer and blogger who has spent 30 years in library service. A ghost hunter at heart and a lover of the macabre. I'm a writer of plays, monologue, and poetry for community theatre. Most importantly, be positive and love life.

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