Here Comes the Clowns

What is your biggest fear or phobia?  Mine is water and clowns or worse, clowns in water.  I think I drowned in a past life, which would explain the water.  Clowns, I have no idea; it could be a million reasons or the fact they hide their identity.

Clowns are not funny nor cute. 

From Charlie Rivel to the Mexican clown Cepillin, I can’t find a clown worthy of watching.  Since I was a child, anytime a clown approached me, I would start screaming and hide my head.  I wouldn’t eat at McDonald’s for years because of their awful-looking clown.  Today when I see a clown, I start screaming and hide my head, or at least I do in my mind.  The only real-life clown that I had an interest in was John Wayne Gacy.

Sick?  I like to think so; I enjoy true crime.  It seems weird people like true crime, but people have their issues.

There are a few clowns found on the television or movies I can tolerate because they personality.  Homey the Clown because Homey don’t play that.  Twisty the clown, the murderous bastard from American Horror Story.  I never understood why anyone would let this sick clown near them.  Pennywise from the book/movie “It” has a special bond with me.

I want his dolls to entertain me. I’m not scared of Pennywise.  The sewer is a negative, and I never learned how to float when I took swimming lessons, so I should be good.

Like Fonzie bucking up and eating liver in the television show Happy Days, I might have to buck up and travel to the Nevada town of Tonopah.  The home of the Clown Motel.  Friends keep sending information on this hell, and now I’m thinking I’ve been triple dogged dared into staying here.  The motel, at last count, had over 600 clowns in the motel.  The owner claims they are all happy clowns. I’m not falling for it.  The new owners are adding creepier clowns because they probably are creepy clowns themselves.  The motel is next door to a cemetery.  I do like cemeteries, so I’ll spend my time talking to the dead.  I trust the dead more than I trust clowns.  According to Tonopah, the Mizpah Motel and Silver Rim Elementary School are more active in the haunting area than the Clown motel.

Zach Baggins took his Ghost Adventure crew to the Clown Motel to investigate the haunts but ended up just clowning around.  I will talk about mimes at a later date since they say nothing to me. #ghostadventures #clownmotel #clowns #twisty #pennywise #tonopahnevada

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A freelance writer and blogger who has spent 30 years in library service. A ghost hunter at heart and a lover of the macabre. I'm a writer of plays, monologue, and poetry for community theatre. Most importantly, be positive and love life.

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