Fertility Customs


The time between the beginning of spring and Beltane is the time of fertility. Farmers are very familiar with the fertility cycles, especially during the beginning of time. Farmers had to know when their livestock was going to produce more livestock. Farmers are aware of the planting cycles. People, as we know, have fertility cycles. These cycles have been celebrated for centuries between spring and Beltane.

Different cultures or groups have their own traditions.

The first one I think of is the tossing of water on the female. I am not thinking of spring break and the wet t-shirt contest, which is a different animal altogether. Or, is it? 

I’m thinking of Hungary and other places where they practice the ritual of girl-watering. Women dressed in traditional garb run as a group between men of the village and water is tossed upon the women. In some cases, the women are drenched. If you think this activity is for you, the lucky lady in your life should be warned, and both agree to the girl-watering.  

The Japanese have a giant penis festival to help increase fertility. People have a parade of pink penises. Instead of an apple or pumpkin festival, the Japanese have a penis festival with all sorts of activities. There is also food in the shape of a penis—good times for all.

Dorset, England, is famous for its Cerne Abbas Giant. This giant is a crude chalk form of a primitive man with two big clubs. One club is in his hand the other is between his legs. Legend has it if a female sleeps on the giant, she will increase her fertility. This legend might be true since this area has a high birth rate.

If these three things haven’t worked, you can try the “Miracle Chair.” 

This is the chair of the Catholic Saint Maria Francesca of the Five Wounds of Jesus reportedly died in Naples, Italy. The pope made her the patroness for women who are having trouble conceiving. Many women claim to have success sitting in the chair and then becoming pregnant.

There are other alternatives before you run to the doctor. Try eating the blister beetle. I’m not sure how many, so look it up before eating. 

Nicole Kidman and seven other crew members became pregnant after swimming in the Kununurra Waterfalls in Western Australia. In Bangkok, visit the shrine to Chao, a female tree spirit. Leave an offering to Jasmine and Lotus, go hug the unique tree and become more fertile. There are many more traditions and rituals for becoming more fertile; the Wiccans have a banana involved in the practice. The truth is out there, so try other things before spending lots of money on a doctor. Sometimes it could be psychological or not.

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