The Institute

Stephen King has been writing professionally since 1967, with hits like The Stand, IT, The Shining, and many more. His career took off with his fourth novel, Carrie, back in 1973. King is still a master of horror and suspense today. His storytelling keeps the reader engaged and enthralled even though some of his books eclipse 1000 pages. His attention to detail is what makes his work special, making every character important. His backstory makes everyone important to the story, including the reader. There is a purpose for every detail of the novel.
King’s newest book, The Institute, has children as the main characters. Reminding me of the Netflix series Stranger Things, as much of the book deals with children as the main characters. The story starts with Tim Jamieson, a disgraced cop who gives up his seat on a plane to a government official and decides to hike his way to New York. Tim stops in the town of Dupray, Maine, to take a temporary security job position. Tim disappears in the story for quite a while after the reader learns of Tim’s backstory, the book switches to the Institute.
The Institute is a place hidden in the forests of Maine. The purpose of the Institute is to study the psychic abilities of children. To use these abilities as a weapon to be used against political opponents and to predict future events and stop unfortunate things from happening. Not surprisingly, these children lose what human dignity they have within them.
Like many of his stories, King is enamored with children with special powers being the hero or heroine of the story, such as novels like Firestarter, The Shining, The Regulators, Desperation, Doctor Sleep, and many more. Luke Ellis is the hero of this story. Luke uses his powers to fight the evil within the Institute.
When you read the Institute, you are engrossed while waiting for the next surprise. King always throws a curveball, and you will find yourself trying to guess what it is before it happens. I recommend this book and many other of his books.

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