The Beast of Bray Road

In 1936, on a county road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, a creature terrorized the county road. This cryptid described as being furry, about six feet tall with yellow eyes and pointy ears. During the 1980s and 1990s, this beast was roaming the country roads in Racine, Walworth, and Jefferson counties in Wisconsin. The name given to the creature is the Beast of Bray Road.
My last name being Bray, I started to wonder if this was a relative of mine. We can get pretty hairy at times, and we do like to eat and walk county roads.
Yes, this creature likes to eat meat, according to eyewitnesses.
I am starting to see the similarities to some of my cousins. Many times he or she is seen hunched down on two legs staring at whoever is watching it. There have been no reports of this creature attacking humans. If the beast did attack a human, the human would be dead, thus no reports of an attack. However, if you get too close, the creature will jump on the hood of your car, according to eyewitnesses.
Could this be a wolf? Maybe a Bigfoot sighting or a cousin of mine on a road trip? It is hard to say since the fury one is not spotted all the time. It could be the moon playing tricks on the eyes. Whatever it is or is not, the creature sounds scary and fascinating.

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A freelance writer and blogger who has spent 30 years in library service. A ghost hunter at heart and a lover of the macabre. I'm a writer of plays, monologue, and poetry for community theatre. Most importantly, be positive and love life.

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